Frog TV: Diego with Speech Bubble and Intro Text

Hello world!  Diego here, reporting for FrogTV. Meet my friend Triball, the three-eyed mutant frog. He can credit many of his froggy abilities to beloved family members. But for the things that are 'uniquely his,' he can only credit one thing…

Know this about Triball: He never asked to be a member of an indicator species. But he is. In this crazy world we live in, a world soaked with toxins that muddy our genes and spawn strange new beings, his story becomes ours.

In dark times a little humor goes a long way, but talk about a sick sense of humor. First you laugh. Then the science makes you gag.

Crazy stuff is happening in our world, and while extra body parts on amphibians may be odd and unnatural, it’s not entirely mysterious. Just follow the money, which today means following the chemicals. It’s the stuff we spray on fields and crops, which ends up on our food and in our water. Follow along as Triball’s story unfolds, and learn what you can do about it.

Start seeing the world as Triball sees it, with a new eye for action and change. And remember, friends don’t let frogs mutate.

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Mushy Corn

Crazy stuff is happening in our world. GMO scientists have created…Ta-da!…self-digesting corn! Used for ethanol fuel production, this GMO “amylase” corn actually eats itself to make the ethanol creation process faster. Unfortunately, it could cross pollinate with the corn we like to eat. Soggy chip, anyone?   What to do, oh what to do? Sure, the …

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Seeds: Hard Time for Hard Work?

Triball here, with FrogTV, coming to you from the Big House. What’s my crime, you ask? Murder? Fraud? Theft? Monsanto might say so. Or they might accuse me of one of the most fundamental practices that farmers have been using for centuries. Join the camera crew in the cell block to hear my side of …

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Triball here, with FrogTV. This week Diego and I discovered a new menace lurking in our garden. Looks like it could be right off the set of “Little Shop of Horrors.” Coming soon…to a field near you. Maybe your backyard. Introducing the “Mutant Superweed,” a new breed of plant that grows and grows and can’t …

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Diego here, with FrogTV. Crazy stuff is happening in our world. In this episode, I hosted an out-of-the-ordinary body building contest whose top contestants are GMO Superweeds. Superweeds are the unintended consequence of genetically engineered crops gone out of control, and a certain very dangerous weedkiller is being used more and more these days, thanks …

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“Seedy Genetics,” an Investigation by Triball, P.I.

Triball, Private Tri-Eye, here for FrogTV. With three eyes on the case, you might think I could easily identify genetically engineered (GE) foods, right? Guess again. I can’t. And you can’t either. Which is weird because two-thirds of the food in most kitchens almost certainly includes at least one genetically engineered ingredient. Trouble is, none …

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