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Memories with Morel Mushrooms

Some of my earliest memories center around time spent outdoors with my parents and my four older siblings. Growing up on a farm, outdoor time was an everyday occurrence, not necessarily a special event. Taking time away from chores and farm work, now that was a special occasion! Morel mushroom hunting just so happened to …

May 27th, 2015  |  Published in Family, Outdoors


Lorna, a Wisconsin native, enjoys life to the fullest by spending time outdoors – gardening, hiking, hunting and gathering; raising children and chickens; and pursuing her passion for inspiring and motivating others. She left the corporate world behind in 2013 when she joined the CROPP family to lead the Consumer Relations team. From dairy farm to the banks of the Mississippi river, she now resides in Genoa, Wisconsin with her husband and four energetic children.