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Rootstock Radio: “Food Sleuth” Melinda Hemmelgarn (part 2)

Download We had so much to talk about with registered dietitian and “investigative nutritionist” Melinda Hemmelgarn that we had to split our chat into two episodes! Listen to part one here, and click above to listen to part two. Enjoy! Transcript: Interview with Melinda Hemmelgarn – part 2 December 7, 2015 Welcome to Rootstock Radio. …

December 7th, 2015  |  Published in Featured Post, Food Sleuth, Rootstock Radio

Rootstock Radio: “Food Sleuth” Melinda Hemmelgarn (part 1)

Download We can’t believe it took so long for us to get our good friend, Melinda Hemmelgarn, onto Rootstock Radio! Melinda is a registered dietitian and “investigative nutritionist,” and she hosts a public radio show called “Food Sleuth Radio” that has been on the air since 2009. She’s also an award-winning writer (she writes for …

November 30th, 2015  |  Published in Featured Post, Food Sleuth, Rootstock Radio

Did You Know? Organic IS Non-GMO (and more)

In October we celebrate all things spooky and a healthy dose of pumpkin spice. Fun and games aside, what’s really spooky is not knowing what’s in the food we’re feeding our families. Which brings us to another, albeit lesser known calendar event: October is national non-GMO month. Consumer surveys consistently show over 90 percent of …

October 7th, 2015  |  Published in Featured Post, Food & Ag Issues, Food Sleuth

For the Love of Water: Is Summer Fun Slip-Sliding Away?

If you’re a “water person” like me, you probably derive great pleasure in swimming and splashing in cool, refreshing rivers, lakes and streams on scorching summer days. From stone skipping to tubing, canoeing and fishing, clean water is at the heart of summer fun. So you probably share my grief when reading headlines like this: …

August 12th, 2015  |  Published in Featured Post, Food & Ag Issues, Food Sleuth, Sustainability

Berries and Beyond: Why “Just Wash It” Doesn’t Cut It

As an advocate for organic food and farming, you can imagine my shock when I heard a fellow registered dietitian (RD) discredit Consumer Reports’ new review on pesticides: “Eat the Peach, Not the Pesticide.” It’s core message, from well-respected scientists, is to buy organic produce whenever possible to protect our families, our environment, and farmworkers. …

May 26th, 2015  |  Published in Featured Post, Food Sleuth, Health & Wellness

You Don’t Say: What’s Missing from the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Report

One of the keys to “media literacy,” is asking: “what’s missing” from news stories and scientific reports. As I read through the new U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report, I wondered what was included, and what wasn’t. In case you’re not a food geek, let me fill you in: every five years the U.S. Departments …

March 12th, 2015  |  Published in Featured Post, Food Sleuth

Kick Start Your New Year: Twelve Tips for Healthier Eating in 2015

Happy New Year, gentle readers! For many of us, a brand-new calendar is just the ticket we need to tune-up our food and fitness habits. Even our national “Dietary Guidelines for Americans” are getting a make-over. Every five years a committee of experts evaluate the science behind our Federal nutrition policies and consumer advice for …

January 6th, 2015  |  Published in Featured Post, Food Sleuth  |  3 Comments

Go Cold Turkey on Antibiotics: Choose Organic Holiday Meals

In Norman Rockwell’s iconic painting, titled “Freedom from Want,” the artist portrays an American Thanksgiving , centered around family, friends and food — critical ingredients for real nourishment. Personally, I appreciate a national holiday dedicated to counting our blessings. And because I work to promote and protect public health, I offer gratitude to Sir Alexander …

November 26th, 2014  |  Published in Featured Post, Food & Ag Issues, Food Sleuth

Tricked, Spooked and Scary: New GMO Crops Increase Risky Herbicides

I’m one of those moms who loves all things Halloween. For years I served as the official class fortune teller, predicting great success to dozens of children who peered into my magic (bowling) ball. As for handing out “treats” to neighborhood children, I switched from common candy to mini-pumpkins and small toys, after learning that …

October 30th, 2014  |  Published in Featured Post, Food Sleuth

Life’s Better… in Balance

When you think of the word “balance,” what comes to mind? A trapeze artist on a tight rope? A scale with equal weights? When we apply the word to our busy lives, balance implies harmony. From a food and fitness perspective, “balance” often refers to calories consumed vs. burned. But eating a “balanced diet” also …

October 15th, 2014  |  Published in Featured Post, Food Sleuth, Health & Wellness

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