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The Natural Challenge to Organic

The organic food movement is always full of challenges. For me as a CEO, I face an endless set of challenges while building and running an organic business that every year is unique. Now it seems, in the midst of our success, that organic is having an identity crisis. We hear a lot of discussion …

August 11th, 2016  |  Published in Food & Ag Issues, Organic Farming

Dirt Rich: Purple Cow Organics on a Soil Education Journey

Not long ago, Sandy Syburg rolled into Flint, Michigan in his Soil Mobile. An old school bus repurposed to run on biodiesel and veggie oil, it’s designed to be a classroom on wheels. Syburg is teaching the public about the importance of healthy soil. Flint is notorious for its tough economy and crumbling infrastructure—most recently …

August 10th, 2016  |  Published in Featured Post, Grass Up!, Organic Farming, Organic Gardening

Farming for the Future

In our family, each of us knows the story of the history of our farm. Every time we go to the fields, we know that 5 generations of Westabys have tilled this land, cared for the animals, and some have died here. Our commitment to organic agriculture is the heart of our farm, from how …

July 29th, 2016  |  Published in CROPP Culture, Featured Post, Organic Farming

“We, the Farmers”: Our Declaration of Interdependence

Preamble Whereas how we eat determines how the Earth is used, and Whereas agriculture is the largest polluter on Earth, and Whereas the act of growing food should not contaminate water, deplete soil, kill wildlife, destroy the ozone layer, contribute to antibiotic resistance, leave poisonous residues on the food so grown, compromise human health nor …

July 29th, 2016  |  Published in CROPP Culture, On The Record, Organic Farming

Stop (and Eat) Food Waste

Food waste in the United States is turning out to be even worse than previously thought.  According to a recent article in The Guardian, “Americans throw away almost as much food as they eat because of a ‘cult of perfection,’ deepening hunger and poverty, and inflicting a heavy toll on the environment.” It’s high time …

July 18th, 2016  |  Published in Featured Post, Food & Ag Issues, Organic Farming, Sustainability  |  3 Comments

Spray Season, Chemical Drift, and Killer “-cides”

Unmistakeable signs of spring and early summer include singing birds and greening fields. But if you live in farm country, particularly in the mono-cropped Midwest, there’s a more sinister sign of spring. It rolls along country roads on gigantic tires, with metal wings folded tightly along each side. When it pulls into a field, it …

June 9th, 2016  |  Published in Featured Post, Food & Ag Issues, Organic Farming

Farmer Traditions

A lot of big farmers today use GPS technology to plant by, they use tractors that turn themselves around, and they plant as soon as the frost is out of the ground. On our farm, we do things a little different, but with a lot of family tradition. Ralph Westaby (my husband’s grandfather, born in …

March 8th, 2016  |  Published in Organic Farming

6 Reasons to Attend the MOSES Organic Farming Conference Next Year

photos courtesy of MOSES In February every year, when the land is still asleep but the seed catalogs have begun to arrive, thousands of farmers from around the country descend upon La Crosse, Wisconsin, near the birthplace of organic farming, for a weekend of organic and sustainable farming education, as well as fun and connection with fellow …

March 4th, 2016  |  Published in Featured Post, Organic Farming, Power of We

Rootstock Radio: Dr. Guy Jodarski, Organic Valley Veterinarian

Download Today on Rootstock Radio, we’re here with Dr. Guy Jodarski, one of Organic Valley’s staff veterinarians who specializes in holistic and organic animal care. He has practiced veterinary medicine for 27 years, and today he has an emphasis on dairy herd health and preventative techniques. He enjoys teaching farmers how to keep their animals …

March 1st, 2016  |  Published in Featured Post, Organic Farming, Rootstock Radio

Farm -er- Speak

Imagine this situation: You’re sitting in the Milky Way Cafe at Organic Valley headquarters in La Farge, Wisconsin eating lunch with your fellow employees. In runs a farmer whistling and yelling, “The cows are out!” What’s your reaction? Do you sit with your spoon or fork mid-air, mouth open, wide-eyed, heart racing? Do you stop …

February 18th, 2016  |  Published in CROPP Culture, Organic Farming

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