Top 8 Frustrating Things that Happen When Your Office Burns Down

8. Good coffee is hard to find (and creamer, and sugar).


7. No TP. Critical, especially for 50% of the population…


6. Your phone does things on its own and speaks nothing but gibberish after sitting in a pool of water overnight. (“Voice command please. No match found. Music is already playing. You wanted to check email? No, I think you really wanted to play music…”)


 5. You get a new computer but can’t find that Tahitian Island screensaver you liked so much, the one where you imagined…well, nevermind.


4. Your “World’s Greatest DAD” mug got singed and now reads “World’s Greatest A…”

3. Losing that 10-year-old office chair that was so perfectly molded to the shape of your butt.

2. All salvaged items have acquired a hickory-smoked aroma.


1. Remembering too late the crucial/special business or personal item not salvaged.

On the other hand…

Top 8 **Awesome** Things that Happen When Your Office Burns Down

8. 115 firefighters from 11 small communities battle the fire for 18 hours, most of those hours in darkness.

7. Colleagues voluntarily double up at desks to make room for displaced coworkers.

doubled up cubes

6. Someone saves that special item you thought was lost forever.


5. Information Resources (IT) staff kick butt getting systems back up and running in 24 hours and rebuilding hundreds of computers.


4. Customer Service and Warehouse staff go back to basics, writing out orders and bills of lading by hand, and Production staff makes sure the milk trucks keep running on schedule—and they don’t miss a single order or farm milk pickup!

3. CROPPies get to experience the co-op as it was in the “pioneer” days with offices set up in nooks and crannies all over town.


2. Small town love and support truly shines.

1. We get a party!