I was asked the other day “describe a normal day on your farm?”

I laughed and responded “there is no normal around here”.


Example #1 – All summer we have known that Organic Valley was  bringing a group here for a farm tour in August.  This prompted us to keep everything really exceptionally clean and painted.  The tour was scheduled for today, the tour was cancelled yesterday due to weather concerns by the group coming.

Example #2 – We had one day to bale all the straw, approximately 1,500 bales for our winter needs.  Our plan was to rake the straw, bale, and mow it all simultaneously.  Then our Regional Dairy Pool Manager, Joe Klein, from Organic Valley, came to the farm because he had taken the day for the tour, and now that it was cancelled, he said he was coming anyway and wondered if we needed any help.  Of course, within minutes, we had him on our tractor out raking the straw.  My son had already baled three loads in wagons and was heading out to continue baling.  We started unloading the straw, got the first load finished in a flash and brought in the second load.  The elevator taking the hay to the mow broke, and we had to fix it before going on.

Example #3 – As the elevator was being fixed, my son showed back up, the baler had broken and was done for the day.  He went to a neighbors to borrow theirs.  In the meantime, Joe Klein finished raking the entire field and came back to the home farm.  We finally got the elevator fixed, went about unloading the wagons one after another at break neck speed.  While my older son, husband, and I stacked the bales, Joe jumped into the wagon with my daughter to help unload!  Joe left around 6:30 p.m., thinking we were done, we took a small break and continued on until 9:30 to get finished before it rained.  Then we had night milking to do, about 1 1/2 hours worth.

So what some might consider a normal day, never seems to happen around here.  Our best laid plans are subjected to machinery, animals, weather, or people.  We sure didn’t know when we signed on with Organic Valley, we were getting free farm help on the side!  Thanks so much to Joe, he’s a pretty special guy.

We’ve found Organic Valley has a lot of these kinds of employees and a CEO, George Siemon, that inspires us all to be special, no normal needed here!IMG_5861.