Do you enjoy delicious, local and organic food prepared with love? Bird watching? Live music? Perhaps some juggling and magic?  Beer? Cheese?  Art? A chance to learn about mead making and fermentation?  If  so, clear your Saturday (if you haven’t already) because boy do I have the event for you–and it is called the Kickapoo Country Fair!

Kickapoo Country Fair 2012

The Kickapoo Country Fair as it’s known today kicked off in 2004, fulfilling George’s vision to share our bounty with and welcome ALL the folks right here in our neck of the woods who believed in us and helped us grow. Today the Fair gives thanks to our regional partners and supporters, our community, our farmer-owners, and, finally, our loyal citizen-partners who share the vision of an organic today and tomorrow, together.

From nationally recognized guest speakers, to food and music programming, to displays by local vendors and artisans, we’ve got something for everyone. (Okay, we don’t have a Ferris wheel.) So bring your water container and some silverware (but not your pet) and come join us for a great time from 12:00-10:30 pm this Saturday! Oh, and did I mention admission is free this year!

Check out the video below and the schedule of events to get pumped and plan your day!

See y’all there!

Callie Herron