Before I start blogging up a storm, I figured I could give you a little background on yours truly! So.. let’s start from the beginning.

Full Name: Molly Justine Serum (Middle name given to me after my dad, Justin!)

Hometown: I grew up on a little dairy farm in tiny Gilmanton, WI. My dad milked around 30 cows for over 30 years, and you could always find me in the barn helping out wherever I could (or getting in the way… ). I feel lucky every single day that I was blessed enough to be raised on a farm. It is just a different and special life that I truly love. One day, I hope to have my very own herd of beef cattle that I can baby and spoil.  Every day here at OV, that desire grows bigger and stronger!

Gilmanton, WI located in Buffalo County

Gilmanton, WI located in Buffalo County


Spring Brook Farm… dads!

Schooling: I graduated from Gilmanton High School in 2010 with a class size of only 15 people. So, when I set collegiate sail and landed at Winona State University, I was in for a definite culture shock. To most people, Winona is a small town, but to me it was sooo big! Moving away from home (a whopping 50 minutes) and being away from the country life made me realize how much I love it. The city definitely has its moments but I would take a front porch and Buffalo County bluffs over the buzz of busy streets any day. It is where I belong!

It might be nice if I mention what I’m going to school for. 🙂 I am a communication studies major with an emphasis in leadership and advocacy, with a minor in professional selling. It took me over 2 years to figure out what I wanted to take up but I feel so confident and passionate about what I ended up going with. I believe that having the ability to communicate with others, specifically face to face, is almost a dying art among the younger generations. I value every conversation I get to hold with someone, especially with my elders. They always have the best advice and coolest stories. It also doesnt hurt that I love to talk!

Family: One thing you will learn about me pretty quickly is that I am all about family. I have one of the most amazing families in the world and feel lucky every day to call them mine. I have my dad, Justin, and two older sisters, Sammie and Dana. We can’t forget Pudgey, the family pug. He is basically the son that my father never had! He loves this dog more than I love chocolate…and that’s a lot!

Sammie, Dana, Pudgey, and I after carving pumpkins last year!

Sammie, Dana, Pudgey, and I after carving pumpkins last year!

Interests:  Some things I like to do in my free time are hunt, fish, be outdoors, sing, spend time with family and friends, and get a work out in here or there! I also love learning new things and applying myself to different rewarding tasks. You will also find that I love to be happy, positive and once again loooove to talk!

So there you have it, a little about me! I am so excited to be a CROPPie this summer and cannot wait for all of the activities my wonderful supervisor, Michele Trussoni, will have me work on.

Today, Michele brought in these homegrown, organic, and DELICIOUS radishes!


Tastiest radishes in the world.

That is one thing that I have already learned here at Organic Valley: organic tastes better!! And, the people are wonderful. I’m one lucky intern!