Hi there! My name is Casey and I am the internal sustainability intern at OV this summer. I can’t say that it isn’t kind of random that a girl from Connecticut found her way to La Farge, Wisconsin, but I can say it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I grew up in what I thought was a small town… that is until I arrived to work in one with a population of 700. I’ve always loved nature and being outdoors, but the closest I got to experience the agricultural life was gardening with my mom and visiting the zoo. That didn’t stop me, however, from developing a weirdly strong obsession with “flying pigs” that ranged from flying pig accessories like doorstops and my own personalized pig stamp, to dressing as one for Halloween and creating my own website. Let me just say I feel very fortunate my parents didn’t give up on me right there…

Actually, my family and I are quite close. Aside from my parents, I have my brother Will who is 4 years older than me, as well as two adorable mutts names Lucy and Fenway (yes, I am quite brave for being a Red Sox fan when I only live a half hour from New York.)

I currently attend Washington University in St. Louis and am majoring in environmental policy. After taking a class entitled, Brave New Crops and always being interested in nutrition, I wanted to further pursue a career in sustainable food- hence why I drove, took 2 flights, and then went for another 2 hour drive all to come here, at one of the best places I’ve ever worked at- Organic Valley!

I love to run, or do anything outside for that matter, and while I am certainly not a chef, I do like to cook and bake and try to create my own recipes. Though my obsession with flying pigs has subsided, I’ve developed a new one for VW buses. I enjoy reading, traveling and putting cinnamon in just about anything. I’m looking forward to continuing my internship at Organic Valley this summer and learning more about the value of organics and the importance of farmers.

My family visiting me last semester while I was abroad in Copenhagen!

My family visiting me last semester while I was abroad in Copenhagen!