What a whirlwind! Just one month ago today, I graduated from college. Seriously- I made it?! College was filled with stress, tears, and frustration, as well as fun, laughter, and sarcasm. When it was over, I couldn’t believe the free time I had laying around. I wasn’t running anymore, keeping up with the bazillion activities and responsibilities I had undertaken. Naturally, when I started my internship with CROPP, I started looking at ways to get involved and learn as much as I could about this business model.

One result: I am now writing a blog.

While I am no longer running around like a crazy person, I have started settling into a pleasantly busy routine. I am picking up more in my department, signing up for trainings, and enjoying the perks of being an intern: I get to learn and grow within my field, as well as prepare myself for an afternoon in a canoe. I know, I know, the canoe trip will be so rough. I wonder how I will make it through…

When I started my journey with my degree, I started looking into companies I might want to work for when I “grew up.” As I learned more about the different business models, I was fascinated with Organic Valley’s cooperative model and how different it was from the rest. This is a large company that (GASP!) cares about its employees and its small-town roots. This is a rare find.

Organic Valley feels like one giant family. I feel absolutely comfortable here, and I look forward to coming to work every morning. Thank you to everyone for welcoming me. I am excited to document my adventures here, and I hope you will enjoy them!

Cheers!   Cheers