Organic Valley is a fascinating company. The more I learn about it, the more excited I feel to be here. I have just started Week Four, and I still look forward to working every morning!  My co-workers are still amazing, the food in the café is still delicious, and the coffee still keeps me going.

I have been buying Organic Valley milk products for some time now, but now that I work here, I find myself taking a closer look at things. My children have enjoyed the real farmers and cows on the cartons, and they want to hear all about their stories: “Mama, where did this cow come from? Is this cow a friend to the humans? Does this cow make chocolate milk?”

For the record, yes, that cow does make chocolate milk. If you are ever asked by a child if a cow makes chocolate milk, you should always answer yes. The look on their face is completely priceless.

Since I have started this internship, I feel an even stronger responsibility to find the answers for my children. I want to know where their milk comes from, I want to hear the stories, and I want to know that my children are getting the very best for their (rapidly) growing bodies. While I am familiar with organic farming, I want to know so much more. I know that this is the place to stuff my brain full of knowledge, and I can’t wait to continue exploring.

The internship program at Organic Valley has offered a “Learn the Coop” series, as well as “Lunch and Learn” opportunities. I have enjoyed learning about our products and our sales team, and today, we learned about our pools at Organic Valley. I have signed up for some additional trainings (workplace communication and Excel, anyone?) and can’t wait to see what I will learn tomorrow.

These past few weeks have been amazing. I have loved my time here so far, and I look forward to having some more adventures. Every day is a new day, and I am enjoying them all.

It looks like I’m not the only one enjoying life’s beauty! Here is my oldest son, holding the sunset.

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