It’s been 8 weeks since my arrival to the Driftless Region and the time has come to say farewell to this delightful place.  Below are 8 tastes of the bits I’ve loved, the bits I’ve learned, and the bits that make this place unique.

8. Supper Clubs.


Complete with all-you-can-eat fish fry Fridays and prime rib Saturdays.


7. Cheese Curds.


They really do squeak.  And when they’re freshly fried they can’t be beat.


6. Beautiful Barns.


Wisconsin barns have nice curves.


5. Uff-Da.


Norwegian for ‘disgruntlement.’


4. The Landscape.


This ancient earth, with its twists, turns, bluffs and beauty, has won me over (just don’t tell that to North Carolina).


3. The Kickapoo.


What could be better than booze, nature, sandbars, and snacks? And just imagine all of this without even having to paddle. Oh the joys of canoeing the Kickapoo.


2. 5 o’clock traffic.


Forget about feeling like a sardine in a sweaty, bumpy sardine can (e.g. the Boston T).  Think horse and buggy–an opportunity to slow down and take in scenic views to the sound of trotting hooves.


1.  The CROPPies.


CROPPies (a.k.a. OV employees) are a group of hardworking, passionate people who truly  live the mission of the Cooperative.   With diverse backgrounds, opinions, and perspectives they are united by a common goal–to support rural communities by protecting the health of family farms.  Truly, cooperation at its finest.

I leave humbled, inspired, and motivated by the goodness that exists here.


Forward in cooperation,

Callie Herron