Have you read an Organic Valley farmer profile? If you have, chances are you’ve heard a remarkable love story. This Valentine’s Day enjoy six love stories from Organic Valley farmer profiles from across the country. Find a farm in your area and read their story.

Tony and Carrie O’Reilly, MN

There was something about that pink cowgirl hat, Tony remembers. That’s what his wife, Carrie, was wearing the first night they met. All the ladies were wearing pink hats that night to celebrate Carrie’s mom’s birthday, which included a live band at their favorite bar. The O’Reilly boys had heard there was going to be a live band and sort of crashed the party. Tony’s cousins encouraged him to ask Carrie to dance. After that dance, he was a goner.

Tony and Carrie O’Reilly on their Minnesota dairy farm.

Tony and Carrie O’Reilly.

Marvin and Kim Lynch, IA

Both Marvin and Kim Lynch are third-generation dairy farmers, but Kim didn’t expect to have that title. After growing up on a dairy farm, she and her two sisters swore they wouldn’t marry farmers. When Kim told Marv about this oath one night on a date, Marv pulled the truck over and told her to get out. He was kidding, obviously, since today they farm together with their three sons, Wyatt, Willy and Waylen, on Marv’s 220-acre home farm.

Guy and Beth Choiniere, VT

“Most and best of all,” Guy says with smile, “I give props to Beth. She had never set foot on a farm before we were married 20 years ago, and she has never complained once about this crazy life. She has been our rock solid support. I never would have been able to do this without her.”

Guy and Beth Choiniere on their Vermont dairy farm.

Guy and Beth Choiniere.

David and Karen Vander Zanden, MI

Karen and David are on the same page about the farm. “When we learned about organic, we were both on board for that,” David says. “We met at a wedding that I didn’t even plan on going to because I had to milk alone that day and didn’t think I’d get finished in time. She sang at the wedding because, along with all her other talents, she has a beautiful voice. When I saw her at the reception later I went up to her with a really lame line like, ‘You really sang good.’ It was pretty pathetic. But she hung out with me that night and I gave her one of my amateur music tapes. In return she gave me two amazing sons and the greatest life I could imagine.”

Sam and Sherry Dobson, NC

It’s not often a farmer thanks his lucky stars for a tractor breakdown, but Sam Dobson did one day in 2006. It meant he had to go into town for parts, which gave him an excuse to call a certain young lady he’d met and ask her to lunch. “I was a little nervous,” Sam says, “because she’s so good-looking. We went on a little picnic at the lake and we’ve been together ever since.”

Sam and Sherry Dobson with their son Chase on their North Carolina dairy farm.

Sam and Sherry Dobson with their son Chase.

Lyle and Kitty Edwards, VT

“Right now I don’t have any plans to retire. I know it’s going to happen sometime. I’m still in good physical shape so I’ll keep going as long as I can. Farming is a commitment. You’ve got be tenacious, like my wife, Kitty. She was born and raised in New Jersey, but she’s a farmer through and through. She’s great with the cows and calves. She’s really detail-oriented and notices little things about them that I miss. I remember the first time I introduced her to a friend, he said ‘Don’t look any further. You won’t find any better.’ I think that’s why we’ve done well. The power of two makes three.”