Whereas how we eat determines how the Earth is used, and
Whereas agriculture is the largest polluter on Earth, and
Whereas the act of growing food should not contaminate water, deplete soil, kill wildlife, destroy the ozone layer, contribute to antibiotic resistance, leave poisonous residues on the food so grown, compromise human health nor risk the genetic disruption of the entire natural world,

We, the Farmers of CROPP Cooperative, in order to form a more perfect union between our agricultural practices and the natural world, sustain life for countless future generations, establish economic justice for rural communities, ensure the tranquility of our domesticated animals, and promote general welfare, hereby declare our intention to work as organic producers in building a partnership society with those who buy and consume our food.

We, the Farmers…

  1. Respect the laws of nature.
  2. Know we can feed the world with organic and sustainable agriculture.
  3. Build strong rural farm communities that help sustain healthy urban communities.
  4. Must have farmer determined stable pay pricing.
  5. Honor animals through humane practices.
  6. Require protection from other chemical and genetic contamination of our crops.
  7. Claim the right to say what is and is not in our product.
  8. Reserve the right to save our seeds.
  9. Deserve to receive our fair share of the research dollar.
  10. Expect tax laws to reward excellent care of our water, air, soil, and wildlife habitat, hence protecting bio-diversity.
  11. Are advocates for organic education.
  12. Pledge our support of farmers everywhere.

We pledge our continued efforts to build and to sustain a healthier planet.


Read what the Declaration of Interdependence means to one of our farmer-owners, Theresa Westaby.