Editor’s Note: The following is a guest contribution by Travis Forgues, a former Organic Valley farmer-owner from Vermont who is now the cooperative’s vice president of farmer affairs. 

I was the founding president of the Vermont Grass Farmers Association [20 years ago], and watching this video is like returning to the history of not only my farm’s success, but as you will see, Organic Valley’s success in Vermont.  The majority of the farmers you see in this clip are OV members from the present or the past.  Doug Flack is a hero to many of us.  Dr. Bill Murphy is the grandfather of all grazing in Vermont, and without him and this program, my farm would have never survived to be able to transition to organic.  Bill offered hope to my family when I left for college and my parents were trying to run a small conventional-type farm.  Grazing made the difference for us, and I assure you without this program, the organic movement in Vermont, especially dairy would have been much different.  Enjoy the clip.

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