It doesn’t happen very often in the busyness of life when I sit back to look around and appreciate the world I live in and the little things in life. Tonight, however, we sat on the front porch of the farmhouse with my family, and I was able to do just that. Father’s Day is this weekend, and my dad, Jim, has worked hard his entire life for my brother and me to have the opportunity to walk out of the barn door tonight with a herd of cows still on the farm.


L to R: Jake (author), Jim (dad), and John Wedeberg

My brother and I are the 5th generation in our family to farm this land. Farming today has its challenges, but I can’t fathom the challenges in the early years of Organic Valley’s beginning and the hardships at every level my dad had to face.

The conversation tonight described how the neighboring farms looked a generation ago, as Dad pointed out to the west. Each story about a family farm located out our ridge or even across the valley, gave a glimpse into the past. It gave a bit of insight about farm life in our surrounding farm community where there used to be almost a dozen family farms and now today, just a few remain.

Today, Dad continues the co-op’s mission at Organic Valley’s office. If Dad so happens to stumble upon this blog post or a colleague passes it along and he finds it, Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I appreciate everything you’ve done and continue to do.