Morning hen

Hen on her way to another day on the free range.

Hello and welcome to my blogging.

It’s going to be about chickens, somewhat, and business, more or less. I sincerely hope it doesn’t get me fired. Not that Organic Valley is the firing sort of place—it’s totally not—I’m just sayin’.  This thing is wide open—a truly unique blog undertaking by a company, I must say. Kinda risky, if you ask me, but refreshing as hell.

They tell me I can write about anything I want, except, of course, the usual taboos, like religion, politicians (although policy is fair game), profanity (sorry about the “hell” above) and all that.  Fair enough. I’ll do my best.

I can post pictures, too, which I find very cool. I like to take pictures. I hope you like the pictures I post.

I keep chickens in my spare time at home. I’m not a chicken farmer FOR Organic Valley, rather I’m a keeper of a small “backyard” flock that (free)ranges from 20 – 35 birds throughout the year, depending on the nutritional needs of local fox families.

Our birds run free most of the time. At night I close them up in a converted milk house so the night critters can’t get them. Sometimes I forget, but so far no invasions to speak of.

If you’ve ever seen a chicken running free, you’ll get my affection for these crazy birds. They can really fly! Not fly fly (very much anyway), but run like the wind is what I mean. They look like determined little sprinting humans without arms. Like wind-up toys with plumage.

Like something to write about.