Could there ever be too many pictures of baby animals on the internet?

I have seen so many animals born, assisted with so many births, bottle-fed so many babies, but the marvel of life still shocks me.

Curt Parr inspired myself and other CROPP employees to take a small tour of Keith Ashley-Wright’s birthing barn. I was thrilled to be invited. I miss my family’s farm and our animals. Spring doesn’t feel like spring without baby calves, kittens, and frantic midnight runs to the barn to help with a birth.

The barn had about 40 lambs in it. Between the young ones and their mothers, it got pretty noisy whenever anyone decided to start bleating.

The lambs are even softer than they look. I didn’t want to put them down.

If I did put the baby I was holding down, it would run off to its mom and hide behind her. Lambs have such a comical gait. I realized they run similar to a rabbit, occasionally landing on four legs at once  and bouncing straight back up. Keith told us that his little girls play tag with them. I’m jealous!

Lamb and Momma

Lamb and Momma. 


All photos taken by fellow CROPPie Nick Korte!

Holding the baby

Holding the baby