Hello from the Mission and Messaging department! My name is Chloe Stoker and I am the mission and messaging intern for the 2014 summer. Throughout the summer I will write about my unique experiences as an Organic Valley intern. Be ready to learn about Croppie culture, the Driftless region, and organic farming.

“The Commute”

For those of you unfamiliar with the Organic Valley headquarters, we are located in La Farge, Wisconsin. With a population of 746 people, La Farge is surrounded by farms and countryside. I wouldn’t be surprised if the cows outnumber the people. That being said, my daily commute from La Crosse, Wisconsin, is about an hour drive. OV employees commuting from La Crosse have the option of taking one of two vanpools. Taking the “later” pool, 5 other OV employees and I take-off promptly at 7 AM.  I haven’t told anyone in my vanpool yet, but I have a history of car-sickness. So when I can afford the gas and to wake-up a few minutes later, I drive myself in my little blue Aveo. Rolling the windows down, I let the wind dry my hair and I’m reminded of why I have yet to leave Wisconsin for good and why Organic Valley does what it does: helping family farms. Rounding sharp corners I slow down and debate shouting good morning to the cows. I settle for a shy wave to the farmer’s tending their herd or the Amish staring from their horse and buggies. Maybe next time.

photo 2

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