Organic Valley’s Green Spirit Award is an annual recognition of an employee who goes above and beyond to incorporate environmental sustainability and green living into their work and personal life.

Congratulations to Dan Sonnenburg, 2015 Green Spirit Award Winner!

This year Dan built a 4.3kW photovoltaic system for his home, which provides about 70% of his family’s total power usage. He and his family have replaced many old appliances with more energy efficient models and found ways to eliminate extra electronic devices. They recycle almost everything, compost, and have eliminated most paper product usage in their home.

Dan and his family have a garden where they grow strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and are starting apple trees, and three rain barrels around their home collect water for their plants. He is also a woodworker and takes advantage of wind-fallen trees or trees that neighbors are removing for many of his projects, using air drying techniques to cure the wood rather than less efficient kiln drying.

Dan rides the vanpool from his home to the Organic Valley headquarters, which avoids two hours of personal vehicle usage each day, and when that doesn’t work with his schedule, he tries to find co-workers to carpool with. He rides his bike whenever possible in town. He has participated in many sustainability trainings and activities, including highway cleanups, a beekeeping workshop, and sustainability-focused films. Dan is passionate about living a environmentally responsible lifestyle and is always on the lookout for the next project he can do to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Dan was nominated by several Organic Valley coworkers as the best exemplification of the Green Spirit Award.  He truly has a Green Spirit.  Congratulations, Dan!