Recently, CROPP/Organic Valley’s main retail location in La Farge, Wisconsin hosted a fundraiser. Out front, CROPPies (as Organic Valley and Organic Prairie employees often refer to themselves) filled a tent to the gills with donated items. But what was this for, you might ask? It was a benefit for the Croppie Catastrophe Relief Fund (CCRF).

The generosity of CROPPIES on display!

The generosity of CROPPies on display!

CCRF was started by CROPPies for CROPPies in order to provide financial assistance to employees who experience unexpected hardship in the form of natural disasters, familial health, or other issues. While no one plans for such things, they unavoidable fact is that they do happen – the area around CROPP’s headquarters saw two 100 year floods in back to back years just a few years ago, for example!

Established in 2011, CCRF was initially suggested by a staff member who had experienced a similar program while working at a natural foods store in California. There was a similar program for farmers already in place at CROPP, so adding another program for the employees who are another vital piece to the overall functioning of the co-op, was a natural.

The fund is entirely funded by paycheck donations from employees and fund raisers, the primary one being the rummage sale that started off this post. CROPPies far and wide set aside items of all kinds and in early June start filling the tent for the rummage sale, that coincides with the city wide sale in La Farge.

Who doesn’t love a good rummage sale, plus it was supporting a good cause! Turnout was great, and many people went home happy while at the same time helping Organic Valley employees in need. And as a bonus, Organic Prairie was on hand working the grill, serving up delicious burgers, donating all the proceeds to CCRF!

The Organic Prairie team grilled up wonderful eats to sustain shoppers!

The Organic Prairie team grilled up wonderful eats to sustain shoppers!