sustainability booth

Last week I was able to attend my first CROPP Annual Meeting. My primary role at the meeting was to staff the Sustainability Booth and talk to farmers, consumers and other employees about the sustainability programs that we offer. It was great being able to share information about the kind of work the Sustainability Department does and I really enjoyed visiting with the farmers and learning more about their farms. I didn’t come to CROPP with a farming background, so attending events with our farmers is always a great learning experience for me.

My favorite part of the meeting was probably the dinner I attended Tuesday evening. The meal was an Earth Dinner style event where we were assigned to tables with employees and farmers from around the country. The goal was to meet new people and learn about their life and experiences with food. We had a great time answering some of the questions that came with the Earth Dinner prompts. A few of the questions included your favorite type of cake (my favorite is a coconut cake with orange curd- yum!) first food memory (going camping with my grandparents when I was a kid; we picked some fresh, wild huckleberries and my Granny made cobbler over the campfire) and biggest kitchen disaster (putting way too much oil on a new pizza stone; I had all the windows open on my house in the middle of winter and smoke was pouring out!)

centerpieceThe table I was at had a few remote employees who work around the country as well as several farmers including CROPP’s newest farmer from Tennessee! I loved learning about the work that our remote employees are involved in and it was very inspiring hearing about how and why the farmers decided to transition to organic and join the cooperative.