Last night we celebrated the end of Nathan’s 5 year tenure at CROPP with a going away party in the Milky Way Cafe. I brought my digital camera, wanting to capture some moments from the gathering. But as soon as I got down to the Cafe, I set my camera down to help set things up and forgot entirely about it. As I was drifting off to sleep later that night I thought to myself, “Oh no! I left the camera in the Cafe!” I was bummed I missed the photo op and wondered if anyone had happened upon it. As I discovered when I got to my desk this morning, someone did happen upon it:

foot wearing shoe

Does anyone know who this belongs to?

I knew I was in for some high quality photos when I saw that first one. I wasn’t proven wrong…


At least it’s clean (and empty)?

I was hoping for at least a few good group shots, capturing the bittersweetness of bidding one of our favorite co-workers adieu…

unidentified rear

Does anyone know who *this* belongs to?

Not quite what I had in mind. At least we got a cute one of Ashlyn.


Ashlyn doesn’t seem impressed with the mystery photographer either.

At one point the mystery photographer put on their marketer hat and got some high quality branded images. I’ll have to pass these on to the graphics department.

ov logo

Who’s *your* farmer?

At least Ovie seemed to enjoy the festivities.


I’m a worm.

If you have any guesses (or cold hard proof) as to who the mystery photographer(s) was/were, please let me know in the comments!