Came across the blog post below in my drafts from 8 months ago. I obviously forgot to hit Publish at the time, but doing so now because it’s a wonderful example of life here at the Organic Valley / CROPP Cooperative headquarters. And it’s Monday, like it was at the time. And it’s funny. And Mondays deserve funnies.

Not sure how a teddy bear fit in here, but ok...

Not sure how a teddy bear fit in here, but ok…

August 20, 2012

This morning, digging into my email backlog after a wonderful vacation, the first email I read was an all-staff notice from one of Organic Valley’s receptionists:

We have an inter office envelope with no name on it. It contains a teddy bear. If this belongs to you please let us know where to deliver.  Thank you! 

This started my Monday off with a good laugh! Sometimes I get such a kick out of working here. Happy Monday, everyone!