In our cooperative family, just as in nature’s family, change is part of the circle of life. We report with inspired hearts (but a little sad, too), that Dan has decided to retire from his weekly duties reporting from Down Nature’s Trail. After more than 40 years writing and illustrating his column, and following a medical leave this winter to fix his well-worn knees, Dan finds this a good time to slow down and enjoy nature’s wonders at a calmer pace.

Cliff Swallows

Along with Dan, we thank you for your patience over the past few months and especially for your years following his weekly reports on all his furry and feathered companions who live in our beautiful Kickapoo Valley. We will miss his wonderful eye, his care and his optimism—but we might persuade him to check in from time to time to let everyone know what’s creeping or flying or swimming around this hilly wilderness, so stay tuned…

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