Tomorrow, April 22, is Earth Day. Though Earth Day is celebrated once a year in the United States it is essentially celebrated every day on Organic Valley farms. Caring for our Earth’s precious resources is not only the right thing to do, it also enables us to produce the world’s best milk.

On our farm land stewardship is vitally important. If we don’t properly care for the soil each and every day, our pastures will not grow the healthiest grasses. If we don’t grow the healthiest grasses, then our cows are not fed the healthiest foods. The only way our organic cows are going to produce the healthiest milk is by eating the healthiest food.

organic cows on pasture, earth day is everyday for organic valley farmers

The best thing about organic farms is that our cows are out on pasture (at least when the grass is growing).  Properly grazing cattle is one of the best ways to improve soil quality, cut down on noxious weeds, and keep cows healthy. This helps our environment.

On our farm we use a modified mob grazing system. This means that we move our cattle to a new area of the pasture every twelve hours. We only give them the amount of pasture they will eat in twelve hours. We do this because this forces the cows to eat more then just their very favorite grasses. Also, it gives us a more even distribution of cow patties on the area. Cow patties are broken down by microorganisms and insects to turn the waste into organic, natural fertilizer.  This type of grazing is more labor intensive because we have to move our electric fences every twelve hours. But it gives us the ability to adjust our grazing based on how the grasses are growing.

tim rolling up fence

We know that our soils are healthy, because we have a wide variety of animals, insects and plants living in our pastures. Biodiversity is the first sign of a healthy soils. We celebrate this diversity and try not to do anything that will harm natural life cycles of beneficial insects and organisms. Farming organically is one of the best ways to improve the environment and help our planet Earth.

A tiny insect living in our pasture

A tiny insect living in our pasture

To learn more about how Organic Valley farmers help the environment, please visit the Organic Valley website. Also, do you want to celebrate the Earth and give back to your favorite charity at the same time? Check out how to host an Earth Dinner Fundraiser.

How will you be celebrating Earth Day this year?

Happy Earth Day!