The Earth Dinner is a fun and interactive way to get involved on campus and get to know other students and professors, and the best part is the theme can be adapted for any type of event. All it needs is food, knowing where that food came from, and a way to inspire meaningful conversation.

  • Have a Get to Know Your Dorm-mates social in the common room with snacks, food-related conversation questions and games.
  • Use the Earth Dinner as a club activity or as a campus-wide fundraiser.
  • Host an Earth Dinner meal or social hour with a panel of farmers during Earth Week celebrations. (Request an Organic Valley farmer for large events!)
  • Plan a student-professor social with Earth Dinner questions as conversation-starters.

Don’t assume that because people don’t study a food- or planet-related subject that they wouldn’t be interested. Food sustains us all, and the planet belongs to us all. For example:

How do you personally connect with the earth?

An English major writes about it. A science major analyzes it. A phys. ed. major runs on it. All connections are important and meaningful, and at an Earth Dinner, we listen to each with maybe a little friendly debate and always with respect.

An inspiring example of super Earth Dinners on campus comes from the FeelGood World chapters of non-profit grilled cheese delis on campuses across the country that donate their proceeds to charities that fight hunger worldwide. Read more about them here!

Whether you’re a part of an organization or just want to host a meaningful gathering with friends, don’t hesitate!


Here are a few final tips:

  1. The key to any great campus event is great promotion. Download free posters, postcards, logos and conversation-starters.
  2. If you want to work directly with local food sources, be sure to check in (early) with your school’s foodservice department to learn about the guidelines and processes that must be followed for on-campus food-related events.

Get more ideas for types of activities at the Fundraisers how-to post (just omit the money-collection aspect if that’s not your goal). Read more how-tos on specific types of activities or about Earth Dinners in general, and go have a blast!