Among the sound of forks on plates, spontaneous laughter and stories of food, the following thoughts were shared at Organic Valley’s Earth Dinner.

“There is a long growing raindrop down the tin roof of contemporary ag and time tick tocks to the mortuary while we sow seeds meant to undo so many wrongs by the state of a nation that dictates more packages and less homespun.

It’s the pseudo justice of a nation so powerful it can’t wait to pull the trigger, pointing the barrel of science at any plant that might grow different.

Go figure.

Were we, as a free nation, can’t leave our salmon alone, not our corn or our beans but we let toxic pollen roam. And when our neighbors come to harvest fruit they can’t get medicine or phone home, where food kept out in blockages goes to the wolves and the foxes.

But my America, don’t let pride get in the way of the ailing. It’s our medical system right here that is failing so look to the plants if your feeling to wailing.

There is power to be found in the ground of the flailing.

And perhaps, instead of building military bases on the property of a nation that can’t eat lies here we could lay down the law here. Stop tearing up farmland in the name of the cause here.

Stop funding the flies.

Stop tearing down mountains to fund guns down and dumber

Stop funding the fight and start funding the farmer.

Stop tearing up mountains to fund guns down and dumber

We could educate our people and bring down the thunder of a nation so powerful its tools are in mind. It’s sought for its studies and trusted in kind. Where freedom of speech inches honor in news. It’s power of justice not shiny new shoes. A nation that lives true to blood, soul, mind and heart. Where hunger is erased and we stand a new start cuz really,

Who benefits from the fighting of us all?

And if we don’t see the poison system fall, its failing us daily. Dont give it your dime. Sit down at the table and write a new rhyme. Sit down with your neighbor – we cant do it alone. We’ll use food sovereignty to bring us back home. We’ll use organic ag before it all falls to shambles cuz it’s a big world out there. Let’s know it before we dismantle.”