One week ago Organic Valley celebrated its annual Earth Dinner. It’s a night where employees and guests enjoy delicious local food, prepared by our café staff, as well as local wine and regional brews. This year the La Crosse Area Homebrew Club brought some of their unique brews to share and my favorite Wisco Pop! was on-hand. Throughout the dinner you share meaningful conversations about our connection with food and our impact on the environment. More than anything, we shared memories of the Earth Dinner that never happened last year because of the fire. You could feel how special it was to everyone present that we were able to have Earth Dinner once again, in our beautifully remodeled Milky Way Café.

In true CROPPie form, there came a point in the evening when the microphone was passed around and anyone could share a story with all the attendees, not just those sitting at their tables.

And this is where we get our funny story:

A man at one of the tables said he had something he’d like to share so he stood up and took the microphone. He was a priest from Minnesota and an organic dairy farmer, though he isn’t directly affiliated with Organic Valley. He was on retreat in the state and had gone for a long bike ride that day around the Kickapoo. When he was heading out of town, he said he had an urge to turn around and ride up to our headquarters building to see what it looked like. Who knew, maybe he would get lucky and someone would be willing to give him a tour? It was a little before 5:00pm so he figured there would still be plenty of people around.

He entered the newly remodeled entryway and was immediately greeted by someone asking him if was here for the Earth Dinner. Naturally, he said, “I guess so!” He received a name tag,  found his way downstairs to the café and the rest was history.

Everyone that had been listening to his story burst into laughter at this point. Really, what are the odds that the timing of all that would have worked out so perfectly!? It was as if he was meant to be there.

The man expressed his gratitude to everyone for being so welcoming and we thank him for the great story. Because simply sharing a good meal, drinks and conversation with someone really does make for a perfect night, if you ask me.