I am a new mom. With this new title I’ve suddenly adopted comes endless pieces of advice from family, friends, strangers you see on the street, and of course, the Facebook friends you’re not really friends with. I’ve heard various things like, “sleep when the baby sleeps,” or “let them cry it out,” and the list goes on and on. I’ve really enjoyed soaking in the wisdom of others, and have decided to share 3 things I’ve learned during my 9 months of being a “new mom” thus far.

#1 Cloth Diapers Are Totally Worth It!

Seriously, making the transition to cloth diapers was the most amazing thing we’ve done for our family. (I promise, they’re not that much work either. The key to success is to getting on a washing schedule that works for you.) We’ve saved so much money not having to buy disposable diapers every week, and feel really good about making a more sustainable choice. Not to mention, my son looks so much more comfortable in them.


#2 Making Baby Food is NOT as Hard as Everyone Makes it Sound!

I always knew I wanted to make my own organic baby food, but when I first set out to do this people made it sound like you had to be a master chef (which I am not) to pull it off. I quickly learned that this wasn’t the case. I bought a mixer and simply started to puree whatever we were going to eat. This usually translates into some type of fruit smoothie in the morning and lots of organic veggies throughout the day (carrots, sweet potatoes, etc). If we’re in a hurry bananas and avocados are always our go-to because they can easily be mashed up without having to cook or blend them. My philosophy? I don’t feed our son anything I wouldn’t eat!


#3 Babywearing Makes EVERYTHING Easier!

I quickly learned that getting simple, household chores done with a baby is no easy task. When my son was really little I felt bad (and guilty) setting him down, and now that he’s bigger and on the move he’s into everything. That’s why I LOVE wearing him. Since he’s been a newborn I’ve worn him to do just about everything (within limitations of course). I love it because it allows us to still spend time together while I do chores, and he loves the action and view he gets from being worn.

IMG_0816 copy

Everyone has their own experiences and advice. I’d love to hear yours! Please share your tips with me in the comment section below!