Today we had a farm tour here on our farm.  It was non-Organic Valley related.  It was a group from the Audubon Society that I had previously spoken to about organic farming and they wanted to come and see our farm.

I mowed our lawn for four hours, then weedwacked for another two hours, then unloaded hay all on Thursday night.  Friday came and I weeded all my flowers, painted the milkhouse inside, cleaned the milk pipeline, unloaded more hay, all on top of doing laundry and making meals.  This farm looked beautiful, clean, and ready for the tour.

Saturday morning came, I did my morning chores, and waited for their arrival.  They came around 9:45 arriving in three cars and three vans all full.  As I proudly waited to show them around, the tour leader asked me if 5 or 6 of them could use my bathroom before we began.

With all the cleaning I had done outside, I had no time for anything inside!  My house was a mess!!!  I told them I had to run in quick and pick up a few things “the boys” had left laying around.  I cleared the counter and threw everything into my clothes dryer.  All the clothes I threw into the closet.  From unloading hay the last two days, I had enough hay chaf on my floor to bale another bale!  I used a sweeper and swept that up because the vacuum would make too much noise!

Now the problem was, which door should I let them in………..the back door and porch should just be declared a disaster zone, then they would have to come through my horrendous kitchen messed up from making quick meals and running back outside.  The front door, they would have to come through my dining room which has my old clothes dryer sitting in it that died in February, and I haven’t been able to get anyone to take outside for me, along with a bug zapper that belongs down in the shed,  a college dorm refrigerator that my son defrosted the night before and set in front of the dryer.  Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.

Front door it was!  No one said an unkind word, but they did say the “farm” was beautiful.  Note to self, always wear clean underwear in case of an accident, and always, always, remember to clean inside the house when giving a tour!