Where did May go? Seriously? Wasn’t it just a few days ago that we had a snow storm. Oh yes it was, but that was in May.

This month has been a whirl of end of school activities, painting our house, spring busyness on the farm, three birthdays and travel for work. So the other day to save on time, I decided to just do my grocery shopping at the nearest big box grocery/home/all in one store. I usually shop at my nearest natural food cooperative, but near is a relative term. I also had to pick up some household items that I couldn’t get at my cooperative. One stop was looking as a blessing in the middle of a super busy time.

Ugg, I should have known better. While this store totes to have organic products, the products were spoiled, over priced and hidden. I had to make a choice spoiled organic produce or fresh looking conventional produce. I went with the conventional. I didn’t want to buy produce that would rot before I got to enjoy it.

As soon as I got home the guilt hit. I was going to feed my children poison! (Of course in reality it isn’t that dramatic, but that is how my brain works).  Also, I thought “what would Theresa Marquez do?” In my mind Theresa was shaking her finger at me. Note, Theresa would never shake her finger at me because she is one of the nicest people I know. Theresa is my holistic lifestyle idol.

After I was done being dramatic in my brain, I took a deep breath. Everything was going to be okay. My children would not die from poison.  While I am an organic dairy farmer and strongly believe and practice the holistic lifestyle, I am also a practical person. This world is full of give and takes. I could have made the 30 minute drive to my food cooperative. I could have made two stops that day. But I know that my kids wouldn’t have had time to play outside if I had. I had to decide what was more important at that moment. Maybe I didn’t make the right choice, may be I did.

So, I washed the produced really well and thanked my lucky stars that at least my children will be getting fresh, organic milk from our farm. I know that I cannot be perfect all the time, but I work to be better every day. Living a holistic lifestyle is a journey, not a destination.

Next, week I will do better. Maybe we will stop at a park before we make our way to the food cooperative.

holistic mom,

Do you struggle with maintaining a holistic lifestyle? Do you have any tips or tricks to make it simple?