How can I change the world? Gary and Judy Lohmeyer have given this question more than just a passing thought. In fact it’s this thought that’s guided the way they’ve lived their lives.

“When our children were very young we made the decision to farm organically to enhance the health of our soil, animals, and family. We are proud to have farmed without chemicals for forty plus years.  We were involved with Organic Valley from its infancy and were able to market our milk organically with the help of this fantastic cooperative.

LohmeyersNow, in our retirement years it seems only fitting that we continue to promote and support ongoing education in ways that preserve our natural resources and help individuals enhance their connection to the earth and raise their awareness of the source and quality of the food they feed their families.  When we heard about Eagle Bluff’s exciting plans for expansion into education for learners of all ages, we wanted to get on board to help this happen. We are proud to support the mission and expansion of Eagle Bluff!”

Gary and Judy Lohmeyer’s recent Cornerstone gift to Eagle Bluff is another way they continue to change the world. This gift will complete the design work for Eagle Bluff’s Food Lab and Education Center. The building will be a carbon neutral, cold-climate greenhouse, educational facility used to teach both student and adult audiences how to garden during the dormant season. Produce grown in the Food Lab will be used to teach participants how to process and utilize them as part of Skills School classes and in Eagle Bluff’s food service.Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center

Design work on the Food Lab will be completed over the winter months.

Individuals like the Lohmeyers who support the Food Lab project are helping to increase food access by making it possible for Eagle Bluff to offer classes to families and individuals on how to grow and preserve their own food regardless of where they live.

If you’re interested and want more information please contact Joe Deden, Eagle Bluff Executive Director at 507-467-2437 or

You can also visit for more information on our Food Lab and Education Center.

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