Old Man Winter is strong this year in the Kickapoo Valley as he maintains his grip through the spring equinox.  As a weekend project, we decided to jumpstart spring by getting some starter seeds going.  It is a bit early for our climate, but we’re willing to take the risk.

My 5-year-old son, Theo, has spring fever and a green thumb which is a great combination for an early spring seed starting project.  “One spoon full of good Organic potting soil in each cup,” I said, as he carefully made the warm bed for his cantaloupe and mom’s flower seeds.  “These are the seeds, Theo.  Can you put one in each of the cups,” asked Mom?  Looking at the seeds in mom’s hand, he carefully selected the ones he felt were the best and pressed them gently into the soil. “We’ll cover it up with a blanket of dirt and in 10 days, it will wake up!,” exclaimed Theo.  A spoon full of water for each cup and a trip to the south facing window was the last step in our Saturday project.

Even though we can’t make it a warm spring day outside, we can make it feel like a warm spring day inside.




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