My husband and I and our two sons run this farm.  My sons do most of the mechanical repairs and improvements here.  Those two boys can rip apart any piece of machinery and get it back in working order.  They’ve torn apart the combine, tractors, augers, belts, chains, even took our old farm truck and tore it down to the frame to rebuild back.  They have no special training other than watching and doing it on their own.  They can also plant, cultivate, chop, bale, harvest.  They are very talented at everything they do and we are very lucky.

I’ve found however, that there are several things that only I am able to do.  I also learned by watching and doing.  I’ve spent years doing them and have become the complete expert here on our farm.  No one else takes on these responsibilities.

The first is replacing the trash bag in the wastebasket.  I’ve watched my husband stand and balance the trash in his hand on top of the overflowing wastebasket for at least 2 minutes to make sure it “stays”. He’ll place it and watch it start to roll off, catch it and push it down to make sure he has at least one minute of escape time to get out the door before it falls.   I’ve watched all the men in this family smash down the trash with tons of energy to make room for that last item in their hands.  They exert more energy smashing it down than it would take to change 10 bags.  Doesn’t matter if I’m standing there watching them with the evil eye, I’ve learned I’m also now invisible as long as they can balance that last container of yogurt on top and walk away.  That is the rule, if you place it and it stays on top long enough to get out of the room, you’re good to go.

The other and more important chore I and only I can do is replacing the toilet paper roll on the roll holder in the bathroom.  The holder is less than 6 inches from the “throne” on the left hand side.  I have a hamper for laundry on the right hand side about a foot away.  It’s actually harder to place the roll on top of the hamper than it is to use the spring loaded roll holder!

Thus the glorious life of a farm wife!  I’m just thankful I can keep things running around here…or at least “going.”