I know what my jobs are on the farm, I do them every day and night.  But occasionally, my job description changes and I’m not sure what I should be called.  The other day my husband told me he needed help moving three calves from the trailer to a pen.  He said he couldn’t do it alone and the boys were gone.  I grabbed my daughter and out we went.  He backed up the trailer, opened the pen gate, opened the trailer door, went inside and chased the calves out into the new pen.  My daughter and I stood there, looked at each other, and said “Why were we here?”

This happens often around here.  They just need someone to watch them work!  I’ve stood by gates, doors, tractors, wagons, silos, and machine sheds.  Often I make the comment that I must just be eye-candy just to see if they know I’m there.  My husband will climb the old silo to open a new door, and wants me to stand below it.  I stand there, occasionally feed falls down, I hear clanking and banging noises, I yell up to see if he’s still there, then he climbs down and walks away.  I still stand there wondering “what am I doing here?”

It’s not like I don’t have anything else to do.  With 4 children there are always clothes to wash, food to make, rooms to clean, and I used to homeschool all 4 children.  I never had my husband stand by while I loaded the dishwasher, clothes washer, or watch a pot boil!  But I have watched him sit next to the phone while it rings and look at me like “aren’t you going to answer it?”

The problem is that occasionally I really am needed, so I can’t ignore the requests.   I just wish I could figure out when I can help, and when I’m just more eye-candy!!!!!