It’s that time again.  It came a little later this year due to all the snow.  The men around here are hurrying everywhere.  They are hauling manure, cleaning yards, moving seed around, preparing the equipment for the long season ahead, and then are waiting……Waiting for the ground to warm up, snow to melt, temperatures to stay above 50!

We are ready to plant oats and new seeding (hay for next year).  The boys were ready and went out on Thursday to “test” the soil.  They took out their knives and dug.  Yep, no big equipment, no tractors, they just went out to the fields and dug with their knives and hands to see if the worms were moving yet, how wet the soil was, and how the soil felt.  Things are very different on organic farms.  Our sons have learned along side my husband how important it is to touch the soil, to connect with the earth on a one to one basis.  A friend of my sons came by and laughed at them for playing in the dirt, and the boys told him “If you don’t play in the dirt, you shouldn’t farm in it”.

They came back in and said “it’s just about ready, but not quite yet.  We need a little rain and then it will be perfect.  Well, we got rain over the weekend, 3 1/2 inches to be exact!  I guess they got their wish, except that Saturday it was 72 degrees, today it is 30.


The boys are ready, the equipment is ready, the seed is ready, the rain came, and now guess what?  We get to wait!