Saturday, we received around 5 inches of snow.  No big deal, we plowed everything out before the milkman arrived on Sunday morning.  We went into the house for lunch around 1:00 and waited.  We had heard from our weather radar that it was to be blizzard like conditions by Sunday night through Monday, with dropping temps all throughout.

I went out to feed my calves around 6:00 p.m. on Sunday.  Since we live on top of a big hill, we could hear the wind howling and see the snow blowing across the fields.  As I went out with my milk buckets on my sled, it was swirling and blowing in every direction.  I got down to my hutches and my poor calves were standing inside their hutches looking at me like “We are not coming out in this!”  I was standing there trying to figure out how I was going to pull in each panel and fasten so I could feed them inside.  We do this all the time, but it usually takes two people!  Just then, a wind gust hit and actually knocked me over.  I landed in a drift, got up, started wrangling with the panels, and the wind gusted again and down I went again!

I needed to keep going because the milk would cool down, and I wanted my calves to have  warm bellies for the cold night ahead.  I have 11 calves to feed outside, and had only gotten to three.  I just kept working away, getting knocked down two more times.  After the 4th time, I stood, holding two panels to keep me up.  I just stood there listening to the howling wind with the amazing strength and the snow blowing so hard I couldn’t see two feet in front of me!  It was amazing to see and hear the strength of nature.  My son walked home with his husky dog, the dog followed in his footsteps instead of being the true Alaskan dog he’s supposed to be, and leading the way.  When we got up this morning, there was a beautiful sun dog in the sky, the wind was much calmer, and the sky blue.

This photo is my son with our snowblower, clearing our lane!  The second photo is him checking the radar before heading out!   It has been an interesting winter.