When my kids were young, I homeschooled them and spent as much time outside learning as we could.  At least once a day we would go out and write down what we saw.  We went for walks, listened, and heard nature speaking.  Now that my kids are older, we don’t have those days all together, and I miss that.  Tonight I was finishing feeding my calves when my son who is 24, yelled down from the house “Mom, have you looked at the moon tonight?”

I said it was pretty, the top part was dark but still slightly visible, the very bottom a bright yellow color.  He said “Look at the clouds on each side, they look cool.”

We stood there, it was 11 degrees out (balmy this year), looking at the moon, clouds, stars, and sky.  It made me think that even though I don’t have that every day schooling interaction, we all still have this connection to the earth.

I noticed when I went outside this morning (-4 degrees), it was silent.  No wind, no birds, just cold, cold silence.  As I looked across the road from my driveway, I saw a coyote prowling around.  We got his picture, but he quickly took off when he saw us watching. IMG_4962

Usually by this time we are seeing and hearing Robins and the hope for spring that they bring.  No Robins thus far, no Canadian Geese flying North, just the promise of cold temps and more snow.

A week ago it was 48 degrees, we haven’t had that since October!  The cows went out for the day and they were smelling the air with their noses up.  They were tossing their heads and jumping around in the cow yard, hoping they could go out and graze the sweet spring grasses.  The next day it was back down to zero and all that melting snow created ice everywhere, the cows went out to the cow yard, looked dejected and turned around wanting to come back in.  I guess it affects us all, humans and animals……………. we just want spring!