Since we are a dairy farm, we have many cows and calves.  But, we also have two horses, three dogs, and many, many cats.  We have one mother cat called “chewy” and she has had three kittens.  They are “Sewy, Jethro, and Oreo”.  Sewy has fallen into an old well on our farm and we rescued him twice, thus the name.  Jethro is a slow, meandering good old boy like the Beverly Hillbillies, thus his name.  Oreo is black with a spot of white sandwiched between her front legs.

All three come running like dogs when I call to them.   babies

Then we have my son’s dog Turbo.  He’s an Alaskan Husky and he’s about a year and a half old now.  He doesn’t like purple or yellow fake flowers, loves to chase any cat that will run, and is never, ever boring.  The other day I noticed the grapes on my grape vine were turning a beautiful dark shade of purple.  Then I looked at the ground under the grapes, and discovered grapes all over the ground.

I wondered what was happening that they were falling off before fully ripe.  That’s when I discovered the culprit…………………………



Turbo is picking the grapes, spitting them on the ground, and walking away!  Now I know that he doesn’t like fake flowers and real grapes colored purple!

We also have two horses, July who is 18 is a bay color and Star Bug who is 12 is the white buckskin.  July is my daughter’s horse and he likes to open fences, get out, and walk all over the house yard.  Bug, my horse, stays in where he belongs!  July also likes to chase the dogs when they venture into “his” territory, not intending to hurt them, but just wants to play and have some fun.  If you let both horses out of their pen, they will follow us wherever we go, kind of like our dogs……and kittens……..    STB_6927

So just be prepared if you ever come visit, you never know what you might find walking around our farm!