I have flowers all around my house, at the milk house, by buildings, pretty much everywhere.  I admit though that I put fake basket flowers out at our  farm sign because I can’t seem to remember to water the real ones.

Farm sign flower baskets pre-murder

The other day I saw a purple flower in my front lawn.  I thought it was my resurrection lillies coming back to life and I also thought my son’s husky puppy (9 months old) had eaten the new blooms.  We walked outside this morning and saw the basket flowers had been “murdered”.  My daughter decided to stake out the puppy to see what he was doing.    She stood at the door and watched.  She turned laughing “Oh no, it’s funnier than you could even imagine”.

She said “He walked up to the basket, looked at the flowers as if to say “do you feel lucky punk?” and then he just ripped off the tops of the flower blooms, spit them out, and walked away”.

When caught by my son, the dog put his paws over the ripped off bloom and drug it toward himself slowly like “What flower?”   I have to laugh when he looks at me with his beautiful blue eyes.

We’ve discovered he doesn’t like just the  fake flowers, he doesn’t bother any of my real ones.

Turbo, The Ripper