In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked employees throughout the co-op to finish this sentence, “You know you’re a mom when..” With over 100 submissions, the responses are funny, touching and all too familiar. Happy Mother’s Day to Mother’s everywhere! We appreciate all that you do.

Mother's Day1

You know you’re a mom when..

  • You function better on two hours of sleep than eight.
  • The contents of your purse include: two cheerios, a crayon, a half-eaten sucker, and a Lego man without a head.
  • The #1 person on your speed dial is your pediatrician.
  • Your kiss can heal all wounds.
  • You don’t hear fighting and wonder what’s wrong.
  • You master doing everything one-handed, while holding a baby.
  • You become a “light sleeper” and develop “good ears.”
  • You think the 5 second rule should be extended to a minute.
  • You get the email below from your 6 year-old’s teacher and it doesn’t phase you a bit, “Just wanted to give you a heads up. The recess teachers brought Jackson in at the end of the day here and said he was down on his hands and knees drinking out of the water puddles. I talked to him, but I just wanted to give you a heads up just in case he would start to feel sick or something this evening. Thanks Mr. Varo
  • The finger smudges on the handmade card from your child mean more than the words inside.
  • Your date night conversation revolves around your children.
  • You can no longer go to the bathroom by yourself.
  • You can carry your child, diaper bag, stroller and groceries all in one trip.
  • You’re grateful for breakfast in bed, even though you know what state this kitchen must be in.
  • Nothing brings you more comfort than knowing your child is safe.

Mother's Day2

You know you’re a mom when..

  • You’ve mastered the snap and point to communicate “I mean business.”
  • You want to join the taxi driver labor union.
  • Grocery shopping by yourself feels like a vacation.
  • You let your kids eat the last bite of your chocolate.
  • The only television you watch is cartoons.
  • You lick your thumb to rub something off your child’s (or co-worker’s) face.
  • Your dinner is your child’s leftovers.
  • You go out in public with someone else’s food and/or snot on you—and you don’t care.
  • All you want is alone time, but miss your kids as soon as you get it.
  • You haven’t showered in days, but boy does your house look amazing.
  • You ‘re known to all as “Andrew’s Mom.”
  • Your purse becomes a diaper bag.
  • You can’t remember what you used to do with all your free time.
  • You can’t wait to hear “Mom, I need you”—especially, when they’re all grown up.
  • You find multiple uses for baby wipes.
  • You faithfully stand in the rain to watch a double header.
  • You respond to “Mom!” even when it’s not your kids.
  • You wonder if that’s chocolate pudding …or something else.
  • A little person keeps calling you that.

Mother's Day3

You know you’re a mom when..

  • You don’t mind people spitting stuff (gum, food, etc.) into your hand.
  • The flowers you receive are bouquets of dandelions.
  • You get up at 5 AM just to have a half hour of peace and quiet all to yourself.
  • Your heart is full and your house is messy.
  • You talk to other adults in “baby talk.”
  • Your kids are covered in dirt and you grab the hose to wash them down.
  • The songs you sing in the car are Barney and Frozen.
  • You pack extra clothes for yourself in the diaper bag because you never know what’ll happen.
  • A quick hug is all the salary you receive and expect.
  • You wake up thankful every day.
  • You refer to the toilet as “potty” in normal conversation.
  • Your children by the wrong names.
  • Your sleep deprivation becomes your new sleep cycle.
  • You look forward to changing diapers when you get home because you haven’t seen your child all day.
  • You help catch bugs for your son’s collection that you wouldn’t otherwise dream of touching.
  • You have patience, and more patience.
  • Your child is sick and nothing else matters.
  • Your children’s accomplishments, even the little ones, bring tears to your eyes.
  • You’re no longer the most important person in your life.
  • You hear those sweet words, “I love you, Mom.”
  • Your love is unconditional.

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