It starts slowly.  You help in the barn while your boyfriend milks.  You ride in the combine or on the haybine as he’s cutting the hay.  Then you become a wife and waking up in the middle of the night in your nightgown outside chasing cattle back through a fence, becomes “normal”.  Your children learn that when they hear a whistle, they’d better react by going outside or yelling that they are okay.  Oh yeah, you learn to whistle with your fingers or lips!

Then you begin to know the cows, calves, tractors.  You understand when they say “the field to the North of the timber in the South”.  Seeing combine parts laying on your kitchen table doesn’t faze you anymore.  Having your good bathroom towels used to dry off a newborn calf is acceptable.  Sweeping enough hay chaff off your bathroom floor to form an entire hay bale does not upset you.

Having all these things means You Might Be A Farmer’s Wife.  But, I finally realized the other day that after 27 years of marriage, I’ve finally “Made It”.

My son was attending a wedding and needed his good clothes.  While putting on his tie (which was still tied from my daughter’s wedding two years ago!), it seemed a little long.  I told him I would go upstairs and see if his dad had a tie clip he could use for the night.  While searching through my jewelry boxes, I discovered it.  In my jewelry box, on top of the protective cotton, were bolts.  Yes, bolts, they were clean at least.   If you look at the picture closely, you’ll see it says “14 Karat Gold”.  I can assure you, they are not!  They are stainless steel.

I’ve made it, I’m officially a Farmer’s Wife!