1. Get Muddy


It’s not just pigs that enjoy a good mud bath.  In fact, spas across the country offer mud baths at a premium to guests wanting to relieve arthritis, muscle aches, and exfoliate the skin.  If the spa isn’t your jam, you can always c’mon over to La Farge, WI on July 4th and enjoy a little mud volleyball – a chance to cool off (sort of), exercise, and  exfoliate!

la farge parade 284 - Copy

2. Fan Off


Whether it is overhead ceiling fans, paper fans, or fancy-pants fans that attach to your iPhone, fans are a crucial part of summer. And not just for those of us blessed with the opposable thumbs necessary to flip them on…


3. Go for a swim

These hot days have me reminiscing about summertimes spent hunting for the undiscovered swimming holes of Western North Carolina.  I can’t offer up any secret spots, but if you don’t mind one that’s been discovered, check out National Geographic’s list of some of America’s best swimming holes.

Looks like people are not alone in their desire to take a  dip to beat the heat…



4. Shed Some Layers


Alright so, most animals don’t cool off by switching out their darks for lights, their down for seersucker (tie above), or their long sleeves for tank tops.  Many do, however, get a little more comfortable by shedding their winter coat for a lighter, summer one.

5. Graze

Organic Valley dairy cows love grazing throughout the summer when pastures are often at their lushest.  And it seems they are on to something…


Keeping the oven and stove off during the summertime is a great way to keep the inside cool.  It’s also a perfect opportunity to ‘graze’ – eat greens and other fresh veggies and enjoy all their raw, fresh, summertime deliciousness.


6. Stay Hydrated

Did you know that a dairy cow during the summer months needs upwards of 50 gallons of water a day– or roughly 100 times more than what is recommended for humans?


7.  Enjoy a Homemade Popsicle

Popsicles are a great summer snack for you and your pet. Checkout Emily Zweber’s delicious recipe for kids and the Humane Society’s take on this sweet treat for your four-legged friend.


8. Find Shade

If you can’t cool off by hopping in a cool swimming hole, shade may just be the next best thing.  Be it an umbrella, a tree, or a used trampoline.  If you can’t find shade, create it.



9. Take a ‘Cow’ Nap

Sometimes to get cool you just have to stop moving. Right where you are.


Stay Cool,

Callie Herron