Revolution Food Documentary

Written by guest contributor Brian Baucum, producer, Idee Films

Revolution: Food is a documentary film about the positive changes taking root in our modern food system. It focuses on real farmers who are growing and raising real food—and on the consumers who are demanding it.

Choice plays a vital role in our everyday lives. Anything from what clothes we choose in the morning, to how we treat other people. Personal choices are what shape the foundation for each of us as individuals. The basic principle of choice is what our documentary film Revolution: Food is built around.

Loreto and I had been working together for almost two years, and we seemed to be always talking about food. For those of you who have any close friends who are Italian, you can probably relate. The Italian culture is well-known for its passion for food. But it’s not just a stereotype. They truly understand the value food brings to their lives, and they show appreciation for every meal that they share with one another. It is something that I was truly envious of, and it made me start asking questions about how important food was in my own life.

These questions, along with Loreto’s two decades of extensive travels around the world and constantly hearing people talk about the negative aspects of the American food system, were our inspiration for Revolution: Food. We decided to show the positive side of the food industry, the relationship between the health of the soil, farming practices, and our own personal health. Whether it is pasture-raised farming, regenerative/restoration farming or organic farming, it can all be linked back to a key component: the health of the soil.

Revolution Food Documentary

This was something that Loreto experienced firsthand when he moved California from Italy four years ago. Because of his culture, he made finding healthy food options a priority and seemed to have little trouble finding it in his local food industry. This is what led to the inception of Revolution: Food.

Before the story was set in motion, we felt that it was important to get an international perspective on the American food industry from somebody whose expertise is in global food production as a whole. Vandana Shiva is a known leader across the globe when it comes to food production, and we were humbled to have an opportunity to sit down with her at Navdanya in India. We learned the need to keep it simple and how educating consumers is the real power we have because information is freedom!

When Loreto and I met back at home after this experience with her, we had a clear vision of what our goal for the documentary was. We would focus on educating through testimonials from people who are taking responsibility for providing us with healthy food options.

We began by visiting Primal Pastures in California, the same local farm that Loreto had found, to ask some very basic questions. Much to our surprise, Primal Pastures has a unique story behind its creation that was an inspiration in itself. Where farmer Paul Greive found his guidance and inspiration only further sparked our desire to continue building our film and developing this project of Revolution: Food.

Revolution Food Documentary

Each farm we visited is leading the industry using their own unique farming methods that are very different from one another. In addition to Primal Pastures, we visited Joel and Daniel Salatin of Polyface Farms, Virginia; Mark Shepard of New Forest Farm, Wisconsin; Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures, California. The farms are all very different, but they all share the same philosophy on food production, which is providing a healthy food option for their local communities.

After traveling to these farms all located in North America, we decided that it was important to show how their basic philosophies of food production compare with others around the world. This took us to Norway and Italy to talk with leaders in their respective food industries about their food production methods. With all of this information, we always kept in mind that visiting local farms on a regular basis seemed a bit unrealistic for most people. To address this, we expand on food choices by highlighting local grocery stores and farmers markets that are providing us with the food these farmers are producing. Also, highlighting how we can use modern technology to educate ourselves like never before.

In the end, our goal is to keep it simple, because it should be. We focus on simplicity, sustainability, education and of course CHOICE. Through Revolution: Food, you will learn how your food choices have a positive impact on not only your health, but on the health of the environment and local ecosystems. Loreto and I hope you’ll be inspired to take the information you’ve learned and apply that to how it fits your life.

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