WP_20130325_001Another sure sign of spring is the mass birthing of baby animals.  My boys and I decided to take a Monday evening trip up the road to my good friend and co-worker, Keith Ashley-Wright’s Organic sheep farm to the new to this earth lambs.  After a quick meal of grilled Organic Prairie Bratwurst at my house, Keith, Nick Korte, Sarah Holm and Jennifer Rhudy made the short trip to Keith’s farm where our winter blues were melted by the warm glow of lamb heat lamps.


Both Thane and Theo were able to hold a new baby sheep.  The smiles in the pictures below are free from the use of chemicals or genetic modification.

WP_20130325_005 WP_20130325_007 WP_20130325_010


I love Keith’s farm because of the visibility of its sustainable nature.  He barters labor for land when harvesting hay.  He sheers the wool for his wife to dye and in the summer and sell at her fiber shop in Viroqua, Ewetopia.  Finally, he sells his sheep to people like me when our evening group meal is lamb chops instead of Bratwurst!