mlk_11oz_prot_bal_2SKUsWhen you think of the word “balance,” what comes to mind? A trapeze artist on a tight rope? A scale with equal weights? When we apply the word to our busy lives, balance implies harmony. From a food and fitness perspective, “balance” often refers to calories consumed vs. burned. But eating a “balanced diet” also means getting all the critical nutrients we need, in the right proportions, to support a healthy, active life.

Speaking of active…despite modern technology and labor saving devices, women’s lives show no signs of slowing down. We’re gatekeepers, care-givers and change-makers, juggling numerous roles, wearing multiple hats and spinning many plates in our personal and professional lives.

When we’re on the run and short on time, it’s easy to skip a meal, or grab a salad, leaving our diets short on key nutrients, including protein, calcium and vitamin D.

Media messages add to the madness, convincing us to question our body size and shape, and jump on the latest diet craze. Yet a truly balanced diet helps us look great and feel energized. “Good nutrition helps a body do wonderful things,” says sports nutrition expert  Nancy Clark, M.S., R.D.

Organic Valley’s Balance milk protein shakes can help meet busy women’s unique nutritional needs.  Each creamy, delicious shake provides 16 grams of high-quality milk protein, half our daily requirement for calcium (500  milligrams), plus vitamin D, to go.  To reduce gas or bloating, the shakes are gluten- and lactose-free.  And because the shakes are certified organic, we can be confident that they’re free of GMOs, hormone, pesticide and antibiotic residues. These clean “light meals on-the-go” require no refrigeration, so they travel well in a backpack or briefcase.

When we’re well-rested, well-hydrated, well-nourished and physically fit, it’s easier to reach and maintain joyful harmony in our lives. Life’s more beautiful when it’s in organic Balance.