OP-Grass-fed-BeefI really like efficiency. Why take 20 steps to accomplish something when you could do it in five? I practice this ethic in my kitchen, and not just when it comes to clean-up! I’m talking about what I eat—meat in particular.

Here are some efficiency tips you can take to the bank and apply to a better future.

Tip One: Choose meat that delivers great taste AND nutrition, and forget paying a bunch of extra money for supplements to make up for the fact that your food draws a blank in the good-for-you department.

Tip Two: As per Tip One, choose meat from organic, pasture-raised or 100% grassfed animals.

Tip Three: Instead of donating a bunch of money to organizations that fight to clean up after industrial-style agriculture, buy meat from animals raised on organic farms and pastures that strengthen and heal the land and the communities in which they are located.

Organic, pasture-raised or 100% grassfed beef is the gift that keeps on giving on so many levels.

First, the taste is unparalleled. You will throw away your steak sauces, ketchup and all the other junk you normally slather on meat to cover up that greasy and weird “oh-god-I-just-ate-a-cow-pumped-full-of-antibiotics” taste.

Second, you support the kind of farming that is actually beneficial to land, air, water and the humans who rely on it. FACT: Grasslands (aka pasture) take in and hold carbon at a phenomenal rate, unlike a plowed field of corn that releases carbon into the atmosphere at a phenomenal rate. Cattle that eat grass—as they were intended to—don’t exude gobs of methane because their stomachs aren’t upset by a diet of pure grain, which cattle are certainly not built to digest.

Think about great tasting, organic, grass-based beef.

Think about the money you save on health supplements as you drool over that organic, grass-based beef.

Think about the precious resources you preserve by taking another bite of that drool-worthy, organic, grass-based beef.

And if you’re an efficiency geek like me, consider the numbers below. These are the nutritional values established by repeated testing of Organic Prairie grass-based beef products:

Nutrition Values 85/15 Organic Prairie Pasture Raised Ground Beef 85/15 Organic Prairie 100% Grassfed Ground Beef 85/15 Conventional (non-organic) Ground Beef, USDA database
Total Fat g/serving 17 17 17
Omega-3 mg/serving 154 158 80
Omega-6 mg/serving 365 311 504
Ratio Omega-6:3
2.4 to 1 2 to 1 6.3 to 1
CLA mg/serving 95 138 N/A


Check out the way-higher omega-3 values, which bring us closer to the ideal ratio of approximately two omega-6s to one omega-3 (2:1). Our bodies need these essential fattyacids, and when they are balanced (not too many omega-6 or too few omega-3), then they help support long-term health.

And how about the way-higher conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)? That’s another essential fatty acid, and the type of CLA in beef is linked with regulation of body fat.*

All that goodness comes to you with compliments of cattle happily grazing pasture grasslands. It’s efficient, delicious, healthy and preserves the resource we all depend on: Planet Earth.

* The type of CLA in dairy products is a bit different than the type found in beef. Dairy-based CLA has potential anti-carcinogenic benefits.