August 24-30, Organic Valley is matching donations to the schoolyard orchard project spearheaded by Common Vision through the non-profit’s Grow Fruit Grow Power crowdfunding campaign. This means, if you donate this week, your gift will go twice as far! Read on to learn more about this great organization and their new endeavor.

When it comes to hands-on education, few projects can match growing a garden. Preparing the soil requires a knowledge of chemistry; planning and plotting necessitates math skills; choosing and cultivating plants teaches biology and biodiversity; and eating the harvest is an object lesson in nutrition.

That’s why one California non-profit, Common Vision, has collaborated with nearly 200 public schools, many in disadvantaged neighborhoods, to plant their schoolyards with fruit trees. The idea is to provide children with healthy food, while also giving them a hands-on agricultural experience that’s integrated into the school curriculum.

Common Vision

In the ten years since the program was launched, the organization has been so successful that they have now upped the ante: Their goal? To plant 1,000 new schoolyard orchards. And they’ve taken to the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise the funds needed realize the vision.

Organic Valley shares the ideals of healthy school nutrition and hands-on learning, so we’ve partnered with Common Vision in their fundraising goal. We are matching donations made during the week of August 24th (up to $5,000), which means donors can essentially double their contribution to this good cause. Not only will your dollar go twice as far, you can even earn rewards when you contribute.

You can view Common Vision’s Grow Fruit Grow Power campaign video below, and click here to learn more and to make a donation!