As a cooperative of organic family farmers on a mission, we’ve long known that none of us is as smart as all of us – or as strong as all of us. That’s why we join hands with mission-aligned businesses and organizations across the country to support local communities and create a better food system for all. Just like organic farming, when we give back more than we take out, we all reap the benefits.


Through various departments and programs, each year CROPP donates cash, product and other in-kind support to several hundred non-profit organizations and events across the nation that share in our mission. These organizations—our “change the world” partners—collectively reach millions of people. By working together, we strengthen our ability to further the organic food and farming movement, all while raising consumer awareness about CROPP’s mission and brands, building brand loyalty and driving sales.

Of our hundreds of partners and friends across the country, all of them demonstrate a commitment to one or more of these criteria:


With so many inspiring examples of people working together to improve our food system, we want the world to know that change is possible, and these are the organizations making it happen. Visit to read heart-warming stories of the partners we’re working with to cultivate a healthier future for people and planet. Together there’s no limit to the change we can create. We call it the Power of We.